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Vlog 87: Take That Vacation!

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Vlog 85: Is it a Buyer, Balanced or Seller's Market?

Vlog 84: Why It's So Important To Get Pre-approved

Vlog 83: Summer Rapid Fire Questions with Mark!

Vlog 82: Why Is Social Media So Messed Up?

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Vlog 80: Are You Ready For Summer?

Vlog 79: Is The Real Estate Market Going To Crash?

Vlog 78: How to Choose Your Neighbourhood

Vlog 77: Options For Selling A Tenanted Property.

Vlog 76: The latest with changing mortgage rates.

Vlog 75: Get your property ready for the Spring!

Vlog 74: My top 5 things I love about living in North Toronto!

Vlog 73: The Coop's new location!

Vlog 72: Should I buy/sell now or later?

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Vlog 68: Are the restrictions lifting?

Vlog 67: How to pick your realtor

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Vlog 65: Why should we build generational wealth?

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Vlog 61: Don't stop training!

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Vlog 53: Take some time to get away!

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Vlog 50: Consistency

Vlog 49: When is the best time to sell?

Vlog 48: A quick look at the market

Vlog 47: The NDP Housing Plan

Vlog 46: The Conservative Housing Plan

Vlog 45: Breaking down the liberal housing plan

Vlog 44: What's up at Yonge and Eglinton?

Vlog 43: Why you should trust your realtor?

Vlog 42: Why you should trust your realtor?

Vlog 41: Who's Mark Arnstein?

Vlog 40: Where's the beef?

Vlog 39: Time for a garage reno?

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Vlog 9: Part three: Nutrition, Physical, & Mental Health

Vlog 9: Part two: Nutrition, Physical, & Mental Health

Vlog 9: Part one: Nutrition, Physical, & Mental Health

Vlog 8: Support Local Part 2

Vlog 7: Market Knowledge

Vlog 6: Going the extra mile

Vlog 5: Food Bank Donation

Vlog 4: Annual Pumpkin Day

Vlog 3: Staging Day!

Vlog 2: Support your local Community! 

Vlog 1: The Importance of being healthy 

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